Thursday, January 25, 2007

No Blobs By Default Petition

I have started a petition in order to ask Mark and the Ubuntu developers to reconsider their decision to add binary drivers by default and opt for easy-installation as opposed to pre-installation of closed software. The issue has been discussed at length and I see no point in reiterating the arguments in favor and against the decision, suffice to say the proposed change should hopefully accomodate the views of those who oppose preinstallation of closed drivers, without compromosing ease of use and availability of features.

If you agree with the above proposal, please consider 1) visiting the wiki and signing the petition, 2) making the petition known to others. I know that Mark and the other developers are well aware of the issues at stake, but I believe that a "formal" petition might be more effective to influence their decision process. I also believe that Ubuntu is a community distro, which means that the community does not passively accepts the choices made, but it forges such choices. This is one chance to influence the direction of your favorite distribution, I hope you will take advantage of it.